Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub Two Boys in the Tub

We are lucky. Liam and Kellen both love the bath. They love the warm water and I think they really love being naked for a while. At least I would...a diaper looks incredibly uncomfortable, bulky, and hot, especially as hot as it is here in Texas. They are really calm and relaxed after the bath and don't mind being a bit cold as they get dried off and covered in lotion. I will say that that whoever is stuck going second doesn't love it as much at first. The seat is wet and cold as I switch out kids. The best I can do is put a warm wash cloth underneath! We aren't at the point of bath toys or really lounging in the water-wet babies are slick and really they don't have much control over their bodies yet. They are getting stronger though!
You can see how cold Liam is in this picture with all those little veins. Poor kid...he really doesn't have much body fat!

Kellen however has a lot more body fat. Look at those cheeks!
By the way...I didn't use the same towel on them. These were taken at two different bath times. I swear! They are so much cuter when they are CLEAN! Every morning they have a formula mustache!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Faces

This shot of Liam makes Dave and I laugh every time we see it. Dave blows on his face to try and wake him up and this is the face he makes. It is hilarious.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Month...the time flies

So, I agreed to do a quick blog post in Jenny's stead...these days we have to divide and conquer tasks, so actually I was told that I had to create an entry.   Apologies in advance for inappropriate references.

This past week we celebrated the one month birthday of the boys.  The celebration consisted of feeding, burping, changing diapers, and begging them to go to sleep for more than 30 consecutive minutes.  It was a real hoot, as the picture shows.

Since the last post the major accomplishments include:  Kellen grasped a pacifier with his hand, took it out of his mouth and held if for like 10 seconds.  Liam has started to burp a little bit, which is nice because the gas might be under control soon.  Both have begun developing their sense of humor, as they have both found that a ripping good time can be had by urinating, defecating, or vomiting on mom, dad, or anyone else who happens to be within range.  Liam even threw up on Kellen's face, which was quite a site to behold.  The biggest accomplishment for mom and dad was learning the proper use of a rectal thermometer, including dealing with the inevitable valve release following the temperature taking.  

The boys have also started to develop a sibling rivalry.  It seems like anytime they are within an arms reach of each other they start hitting and kicking each other.  It is pretty funny now, but I'm sure that will lose it's charm.  Today, Uncle Jed put down Liam next to Kellen, both of whom were sleeping.  Within a couple of seconds, Kellen smacked Liam, which is a pretty remarkable reaction time for a sleeping baby.  What an angel.

The party goes on until the feeding is done.

Kellen falling asleep while getting burped.

Liam peacefully sleeping after a feeding...moments before he vomits on himself.

Kellen doing his favorite activity - staring off into space.

Family's impossible to get both boys awake and looking at the camera at the same time.
So, we are looking forward to the end of the month when the boys will get their shots and we can take them out of the house.  We are all a little stir-crazy and will surely benefit from visiting the world outside our house.  We have a lot to show them and can hardly wait!