Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 Months

It is hard to believe that Kellen and Liam are 2 months old! They have grown so much it is hard to believe it has been such a short time. They had their 2 month check up and they continue to impress our Doctor. They did have their shots and they (and mom and dad) did pretty great. There was a short bit of screaming but they are tough guys and recovered pretty quickly. They slept great the rest of the day after a dose of tylenol which was great for us. Highly suggest if shots are needed as late in the day as possible is great for a good night's sleep. We did have a few bouts of vomiting but that is still a regular part of our happened to me today (not great when you are still struggling with clothes that fit and you find something for the day and then someone pukes all over it).  So here are the current stats for the boys as of their 2 month appointment which was almost 2 weeks ago so they are even bigger!

Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz
Height: 20.5 inches
Head: 37.4 cm 
Kellen is getting so big. He is in 0-3 month clothes and has been out of newborn diapers for a while now. He is awake a lot and his eyes are HUGE! He loves to be held upright so he can see over your shoulder or facing forward. He is a pretty mellow kid until he is ready to eat. 

Weight: 8lbs 6 oz
Height: 19 inches
Head: 36.4 cm
Liam has such a sweetness to him. He always looks at you like you are his best friend but with the intensity you have when you are meeting someone new. He absolutely loves to be held but will let you know when he needs a break. He is still in newborn clothes but not for much longer and we are probably finishing our last pack of newborn diapers before he moves up to the next size. He is a little guy but I think he is a bit taller because he would not unbend his legs when he was getting measured--strong legs!

We are working on tummy time. They don't seem to mind it for short spurts of time especially Kellen. They make a lot of funny faces when they on their stomach and they are getting stronger. Kellen is stronger than Liam and is able to scoot all around while he is exercising (mainly from the fabric he was on...I don't think he would have had as much success on carpet!) and Liam quietly moves his head from side to side to look at different things-he seems to always be in his little world gazing at all the fuzzy images he sees. 
Liam during tummy time.

Kellen at the end of tummy time...he is minutes from screaming so someone would flip him over!

Such big boys! One of the best pictures so far-even though they aren't looking at the camera!

Next week we start the 2 week transition back to work and into daycare. Should be loads of fun. Not really but it has to happen eventually. Hopefully they (along with mom and dad) will handle the adjustment well!