Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Garden

I have attempted to plant flowers and do a little container gardening. It seemed to be going well a first but things are looking TERRIBLE! So far of my 2 tomato plants, 4 cucumber plants, 2 green pepper plants and $40.00 worth of flowers I only have hope for the green peppers. Things are dying left and right...or some crazy bug is eating everything. I did have one tomato before we left for San Diego and when we returned...gone! So my new hobby of gardening is losing steam since I haven't been able to enjoy anything! Oh well...better luck next time. Here are pictures of my garden before and I am too sad to take more pictures of my now very depressing garden! Maybe I will try again later.

My Flowers...I think there are 2 left...

From left: green peppers, tomato & cucumbers (2 pots), and then a smaller tomato plant. The one on the right has already died and gone to tomato heaven.

Oh gardening...maybe you aren't my new hobby!