Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day in the Life of Kellen & Liam...

Liam and Kellen have been busy...growing! We went to the doctor last week and Kellen weighed in at a hefty 6lbs 8ozs and Liam was at 5lbs 9ozs. You might be wondering how it is that they have gotten so fat so here is what the day looks like for these boys...we are currently trying to eliminate a night feeding so this schedule is a bit different than the last few weeks.
8am: Food
9am: Diaper change followed by sleep
10:45am: Kellen wakes up screaming like we have never fed him before (this is true for each feeding)
11am: Food
Noon: Diaper change, wash down, change of clothes, temperature check (not the most fun part of the day) followed by sleep
2pm: Food
3pm: Diaper change followed by sleep
5pm: Food
6pm: Diaper change followed by sleep-though they may be encouraged to stay awake after this one!
8pm: Food
9pm: Diaper change and mom and dad pray they will go to sleep!
Midnight: Food
1am: Diaper change and please, please, please sleep
4am: Food
5am: Diaper change and again please go to sleep!

The last few days the boys have been asleep pretty much all day and then wide awake at night. We hope this doesn't last long! But either way the boys are doing well. Liam is a little fussy with some gas and Kellen seems to be hungry all the time! There are lots of smiles while sleeping and when awake they are looking all around to take in the lights and sounds they hear. Here are a few pics (I'll be honest w/ 2 babies it is hard to find the 3rd hand to hold the camera and take pictures!).
Kellen smiling for the camera.

One of Liam's favorite spots...the vibrating bouncer. It is amazing to see how his face shape has changed so much since he was born! He doesn't look like an old man though he can still look like Yoda every now and then.
Hanging out together in luxury. They almost look the same size but don't be fooled...Kellen has a pound on Liam.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look who is 2 weeks old!

What a crazy time it has been since May 30! The boys are FANTASTIC and came home last week! So since I am a bit exhausted here is a run down of just how fantastic they are..

Friday, June 3: Jenny & Dave home from the hospital. Hard to leave without those boys.

Thursday, June 9: Kellen and Liam are HOME! We were shocked when we went for the NICU visit on Wednesday and the doctor said we could bring them home after our overnight visit! I thought Kellen would be home first but didn't think it was going to happen that week and when she said Liam was coming home too...the best news! Though I really did NOT think I would be bringing home a baby less than 4 pounds!  Their departing weight (taken on Wednesday night) was Kellen 4lbs 13oz and Liam 3lbs 12.5oz.

Friday, June 10: 1st doctor visit...Kellen was 5lbs 1oz and Liam was 4lbs. They LOVE to eat! A big weight gain in about 2 days.

Tuesday, June 14: 2nd Doctor visit...Kellen 5lbs 9oz and Liam 4lbs 9oz. HUGE weight gain! The doctors hope that they gain an ounce a day but these guys are gaining 2 ounces a day!

So as you can see they are just doing so well. Dave and I (along with my mom who is here) are doing well too. Tired of course but couldn't be happier than when we are with these little guys. They are already starting to show their personalities. Liam loves to look at you and everything around you including looking at the lights. He is starting to get round in the face as he gains his weight. impatient. He really likes to eat right when he wakes up and gets a little cranky when he has to wait for his food (a little like his father...). He is a sleeper and often will fall asleep as he is eating. Here are a few pictures of the boys...
Home from the hospital. Fell asleep in an instant during the 5 minute car ride home!

Mimi and the boys. (Kellen on left, Liam on right...sleeping...)

We came in to check on them and this is what we found. Unswaddled and no longer side by side.

Obviously Kellen is too cool for the camera.

Double feeding...need to get better at this! Not too bad for a first try.

Dad is tired.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Liam & Kellen!

Welcome to the world! Kellen on Left, Liam on Right
Just before midnight on May 30, 2011 we welcomed our boys! Kellen Flint and Liam Flint McIntosh. They are still in the NICU but are making wonderful progress as they just celebrated their one week birthday. So let me stop writing and give you what you really!
Hanging out in the crib ready to eat!

Kellen Flint McIntosh Born 11:56pm, 4lbs 8 oz  16 1/2 inches (One week old)
Liam Flint McIntosh  Born 11:58pm  3lbs 10 oz  16 1/2 inches long (One Week Old)
Liam and his giant eyes! He makes some of the best faces and this is my favorite!

As I said they are doing fantastic! They have been in the NICU since they were born but have only been on monitors and never on an IV, oxygen, feeding tube or anything. They are really holding their own and are fantastic eaters! We hope that they are home soon! They were moved to an open air crib which is one of the big steps they need to take to get closer to home. They need to continue to consistently gain weight, which they are, and then they can come home. Kellen will likely be home before Liam as Liam has a bit more weight to gain. It is amazing to see what just one pound can do!

Dave and I are doing well. It is a busy schedule right now as we make multiple trips to the hospital each day. Along with me having a bit of a slow recovery (seems postpartum has been much harder than my entire pregnancy!),we are exhausted but completely overjoyed with these little guys and can't wait until they are home.