Monday, May 11, 2009

A little catching up...

I am new to the blogging world so I feel the need to bring everyone up to date on what has been going on in the past year so that I can begin a more up to date blog that captures events as they happen. So here we's a long one!

October 2007: Dave and Jenny buy their first house
Jenny was finally able to move to Bryan/College Station in June 2007 starting her new job in Aggie Access. We started out living in the two room apartment that Dave was currently in as we waited for the house to open that we would be living in. To say the least it was a tight fit but after 2 months we were ready to move to the new house. Please note this would be the 2nd move in 2 months for Jenny. Then after Jenny finished unpacking the last box, a great house fell into our laps. We quickly made a decision to purchase the house and we were moving again! Moving stinks but we have a beautiful, historic house that we love.

March 2008: London, England

Each year Jenny has a great perk of getting to take a group of students abroad for her job. Dave has been lucky enough to go along at a student rate. You can't beat traveling to Europe for the price of one! Our first trip was to London, England which was fabulous. We did so much including the Tower of London, soccer game, Westminster Abbey, Parliment, Big Ben, saw Wicked, Harrods, and so much more. We had true Fish and Chips which was what Jenny ate most of the time. Dave ate anything!

May 2008: Dave & Jenny get married!
The best day of our lives so far. We were married in Bloomington, IN on May 31, 2008. It was a great day filled with family and friends. Jenny's mom made the dress, our dear friend Glenn officiated our ceremony, the day was sunny and beautiful, and it was just perfect.

June 2008: A surprise honeymoon in Mexico

Dave and Jenny had agreed that they would not do an extravagant honeymoon and just go away for a weekend once they were back home in Texas. Dave of course had other plans and surprised Jenny with a trip to Acapulco, Mexico. Dave's boss, Becky gave a week in her timeshare to us for our wedding and Dave used that gift to plan the trip. Dave conspired with Jenny's boss Laura to make it seem she would have some pretty busy days when she returned. It was pretty exciting and we had a great time. Jenny unfortunately ate or drank something she should not have and ended up pretty sick for a portion of the trip. We did spend some time exploring Acapulco and just relaxing in the beach. We were able to see the famous cliff divers and visit a silver mine in the mountains of Mexico.

October 2008: Dave raises $5300 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation by riding his bike 90 miles
Dave had been searching for a way to enhance his workout regime and decided on biking. But he didn't want to start off easy so he decided to train for a charity bike ride raising money for cancer research. Dave trained by riding between 70-80 miles a weekend in order to prepare. This equals about 4-5 hours on bike in case you were wondering. Dave raised a ton of money thanks to our family and friends. He completed the ride 5.5 hours. Pretty impressive! Lance only beat him by a little. :)

February 2009: Dave is ABD!

In February Dave completed his comprehensive exams and defended his dissertation proposal. This is such an awesome accomplishment as he has been working so hard. ABD stands for All But Dissertation so once he finishes his dissertation he will be Dr. David McIntosh! I know he can't wait as I think he may be a little tired of being a student.

March 2009: Paris, France

In March we once again ventured to Europe with about 80 students. It was a fantastic trip to Paris. The weather was gorgeous. We were able to see so much including Versailles, Mona Lisa at the Lourve, Monet's Waterlillies, wonderful gyros, tastey crepes, and so much more. The pictures help tell the story of our trip.

Well I hope that you enjoyed catching up with the McIntosh's. Thanks for reading everything and we promise the next post will be much shorter!