Sunday, December 18, 2011

Action Shots

My name is Liam...

and I am addicted to my feet.

"You won't come and get me out...I am going to get out myself!" said Kellen.

Kellen: Please don't feed me that cereal. It is gross. I want my bottle!

Liam: Give me more! I am  hungry!

Yep. I'm big.

Just hanging out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween & 5 months old!

Little Monsters on their way to school!

Liam's favorite spot. This is the only place he will eat over the last few days.
Liam had a pretty big 4th month! He had a big growth spurt and is up to 12lbs 8oz. and 21 inches long. He is still sporting the 0-3 month clothes but he can manage some 3-6 month onesies. He is is out of newborn pants but only because they are too short. He continues to move nonstop. He has an excellent grip and can almost put the pacifier in his mouth once he takes it out. He LOVES the work "Yeah!" It makes him laugh almost every time you say it. He also seems to love watching football already. Last weekend the TV was on and he was quite and content when a game was on and cried during commercials. It was pretty funny. He has also rolled from stomach to back quite a few times which makes doing tummy time difficult. He wants to be albe to sit BAD. He has some strong abs and is always trying to sit up in his bouncy chair. One downfall is he may have had an ear infection and had his first round of medicine but no one really knows for sure because he refused to hold still while the doctor looked in his ear. He continues to battle some conjestion which Dave and I think is because he may have some allergies. Another downfall...he really likes his thumb which is why we always have a pacifier close by! Lot easier to lose a paci than an thumb later on!  
Ridiculous how big this kids eyes are!
Kellen is a pretty happy baby. He eats and sleeps like a champ. He usually sleeps through the night. He was 13 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 in long at his last appointment. He has only rolled from his back to stomach one time (yep that one time I was in the shower) and can easily roll from his stomach to back. He is enjoying tummy time more. He sucks on everything. His hands, your shoulder, your cheek, Liam's hands, his glow name it he is trying to lick it. He is also a random spit up master...usually right after I put a clean onesie on him in the as I am still buttoning it. So he is continuously dirty. Kellen also loves the TV. He will turn circles on the floor trying to get a good look at it and sometimes cries when he wants to watch it. Not great news. Kellen also wants to sit up on his own and probably will first as he is a little bit stronger than Liam  but we will see.

Hope you all had a great halloween!

Friday, October 14, 2011

2 month Pictures!

We just received the boys 2 month pictures! They turned out really great and can't wait to get some printed. I won't be posting them all but here are a few favorites!

Catching Up Pt. 1: 3 months!

K&L turned 3 months in August and have been doing great! It was a busy month as Dave and I both went back to work full time, K&L went to daycare and school started! Everyone asks me if taking them to daycare was hard and while we didn't like it, Dave and I were both exhausted and welcomed the extra set of hands to watch the boys for a while! Going to work is much easier than being a stay at home parent that is for sure! So here is what is going on with the boys around the 3 month mark...

Mr. Big Eyes
 Kellen is growing like a champ and is beginning to smile all the time. He also likes to lay on his side when he is sleeping. He is moving his legs and arms and is beginning to realize he has hands. His hands always seem to be in his mouth! He can suck on his hands so loud we hear him making a smacking noise 3 rooms away. He also seems to find the quietest time in church and starts smacking away. He is a pretty happy baby and only gets fussy when he is hungry or tired. 

Kellen 3 month stats:
Weight: 12 ls. 7 oz
Height: 22 in.
*Percentile...well he is on the chart!

Liam...once again I can't get this picture to flip!

Liam had a rough 3rd month. He has been dealing with what is probably allergies for a while now but they came full force this month. He was really stuffy and congested and developed a nasty cough. At first they thought it might be a milk allergy so we had to change formulas. That didn't work THANK HEAVENS...that formula was twice as much as what they are currently on! It also made him lose a little weight for the week he was on it. Luckily he is back on the regular formula and seems to be doing better. The only bad part is that he got really used to sleeping in the bouncer-he couldn't really breathe laying down in bed-and we are now trying to break him of that. Even though he didn't feel great he still started smiling a lot. Liam is a MOVER! He never seems to be sitting still. I call him Mr. Wiggles. The only time he isn't moving is when he is asleep, and even then he moves a lot!

Liam 3 month stats:
Weight: 10lbs. 8 oz
Height: 21 in.
Percentile...he is getting closer to the chart!

Garrison (1 month), Myles (7 months), Kellen & Liam (3 months)
The boys have had a few adventures already. We traveled in August to a wedding. Dave was in the wedding so it we were a little concerned how the boys would be during the ceremony. Luckily they did well and we have great friends willing to be an extra hand. They didn't however make it through the reception. The music was just a little too loud. In September we traveled to Indiana for a few days. The boys were FANTASTIC on the flight, probably because we left so early in the morning and they are morning sleepers. However going through security with 2 newborns is NOT a good time. They did get to meet many of their cousins, aunts and uncles!

So that is an update on where they were at 3 months. Please excuse the numerous scratches they have on their face. I swear their fingernails grow faster than anything. I cut them every weekend and they still seem to find a way to scratch themselves!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We are still here...

I realize that it has been quite a while since I updated. It has gotten quite busy since I have gone back to work. The boys are growing and just celebrated their 4 month birthday. I will post more on that later...I promise. When the boys were 2 months old we have their "newborn" pictures taken. The sneak peek we have gotten is fantastic and we are still awaiting the full CD. It has taken a little while but if you haven't already seen them you can see the sneak peek too! I really hope to update the blog with their 3 & 4 month pictures and stats this weekend so stay tuned!

Butterfly Chaser Photography

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 Months

It is hard to believe that Kellen and Liam are 2 months old! They have grown so much it is hard to believe it has been such a short time. They had their 2 month check up and they continue to impress our Doctor. They did have their shots and they (and mom and dad) did pretty great. There was a short bit of screaming but they are tough guys and recovered pretty quickly. They slept great the rest of the day after a dose of tylenol which was great for us. Highly suggest if shots are needed as late in the day as possible is great for a good night's sleep. We did have a few bouts of vomiting but that is still a regular part of our happened to me today (not great when you are still struggling with clothes that fit and you find something for the day and then someone pukes all over it).  So here are the current stats for the boys as of their 2 month appointment which was almost 2 weeks ago so they are even bigger!

Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz
Height: 20.5 inches
Head: 37.4 cm 
Kellen is getting so big. He is in 0-3 month clothes and has been out of newborn diapers for a while now. He is awake a lot and his eyes are HUGE! He loves to be held upright so he can see over your shoulder or facing forward. He is a pretty mellow kid until he is ready to eat. 

Weight: 8lbs 6 oz
Height: 19 inches
Head: 36.4 cm
Liam has such a sweetness to him. He always looks at you like you are his best friend but with the intensity you have when you are meeting someone new. He absolutely loves to be held but will let you know when he needs a break. He is still in newborn clothes but not for much longer and we are probably finishing our last pack of newborn diapers before he moves up to the next size. He is a little guy but I think he is a bit taller because he would not unbend his legs when he was getting measured--strong legs!

We are working on tummy time. They don't seem to mind it for short spurts of time especially Kellen. They make a lot of funny faces when they on their stomach and they are getting stronger. Kellen is stronger than Liam and is able to scoot all around while he is exercising (mainly from the fabric he was on...I don't think he would have had as much success on carpet!) and Liam quietly moves his head from side to side to look at different things-he seems to always be in his little world gazing at all the fuzzy images he sees. 
Liam during tummy time.

Kellen at the end of tummy time...he is minutes from screaming so someone would flip him over!

Such big boys! One of the best pictures so far-even though they aren't looking at the camera!

Next week we start the 2 week transition back to work and into daycare. Should be loads of fun. Not really but it has to happen eventually. Hopefully they (along with mom and dad) will handle the adjustment well!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub Two Boys in the Tub

We are lucky. Liam and Kellen both love the bath. They love the warm water and I think they really love being naked for a while. At least I would...a diaper looks incredibly uncomfortable, bulky, and hot, especially as hot as it is here in Texas. They are really calm and relaxed after the bath and don't mind being a bit cold as they get dried off and covered in lotion. I will say that that whoever is stuck going second doesn't love it as much at first. The seat is wet and cold as I switch out kids. The best I can do is put a warm wash cloth underneath! We aren't at the point of bath toys or really lounging in the water-wet babies are slick and really they don't have much control over their bodies yet. They are getting stronger though!
You can see how cold Liam is in this picture with all those little veins. Poor kid...he really doesn't have much body fat!

Kellen however has a lot more body fat. Look at those cheeks!
By the way...I didn't use the same towel on them. These were taken at two different bath times. I swear! They are so much cuter when they are CLEAN! Every morning they have a formula mustache!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Faces

This shot of Liam makes Dave and I laugh every time we see it. Dave blows on his face to try and wake him up and this is the face he makes. It is hilarious.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Month...the time flies

So, I agreed to do a quick blog post in Jenny's stead...these days we have to divide and conquer tasks, so actually I was told that I had to create an entry.   Apologies in advance for inappropriate references.

This past week we celebrated the one month birthday of the boys.  The celebration consisted of feeding, burping, changing diapers, and begging them to go to sleep for more than 30 consecutive minutes.  It was a real hoot, as the picture shows.

Since the last post the major accomplishments include:  Kellen grasped a pacifier with his hand, took it out of his mouth and held if for like 10 seconds.  Liam has started to burp a little bit, which is nice because the gas might be under control soon.  Both have begun developing their sense of humor, as they have both found that a ripping good time can be had by urinating, defecating, or vomiting on mom, dad, or anyone else who happens to be within range.  Liam even threw up on Kellen's face, which was quite a site to behold.  The biggest accomplishment for mom and dad was learning the proper use of a rectal thermometer, including dealing with the inevitable valve release following the temperature taking.  

The boys have also started to develop a sibling rivalry.  It seems like anytime they are within an arms reach of each other they start hitting and kicking each other.  It is pretty funny now, but I'm sure that will lose it's charm.  Today, Uncle Jed put down Liam next to Kellen, both of whom were sleeping.  Within a couple of seconds, Kellen smacked Liam, which is a pretty remarkable reaction time for a sleeping baby.  What an angel.

The party goes on until the feeding is done.

Kellen falling asleep while getting burped.

Liam peacefully sleeping after a feeding...moments before he vomits on himself.

Kellen doing his favorite activity - staring off into space.

Family's impossible to get both boys awake and looking at the camera at the same time.
So, we are looking forward to the end of the month when the boys will get their shots and we can take them out of the house.  We are all a little stir-crazy and will surely benefit from visiting the world outside our house.  We have a lot to show them and can hardly wait!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day in the Life of Kellen & Liam...

Liam and Kellen have been busy...growing! We went to the doctor last week and Kellen weighed in at a hefty 6lbs 8ozs and Liam was at 5lbs 9ozs. You might be wondering how it is that they have gotten so fat so here is what the day looks like for these boys...we are currently trying to eliminate a night feeding so this schedule is a bit different than the last few weeks.
8am: Food
9am: Diaper change followed by sleep
10:45am: Kellen wakes up screaming like we have never fed him before (this is true for each feeding)
11am: Food
Noon: Diaper change, wash down, change of clothes, temperature check (not the most fun part of the day) followed by sleep
2pm: Food
3pm: Diaper change followed by sleep
5pm: Food
6pm: Diaper change followed by sleep-though they may be encouraged to stay awake after this one!
8pm: Food
9pm: Diaper change and mom and dad pray they will go to sleep!
Midnight: Food
1am: Diaper change and please, please, please sleep
4am: Food
5am: Diaper change and again please go to sleep!

The last few days the boys have been asleep pretty much all day and then wide awake at night. We hope this doesn't last long! But either way the boys are doing well. Liam is a little fussy with some gas and Kellen seems to be hungry all the time! There are lots of smiles while sleeping and when awake they are looking all around to take in the lights and sounds they hear. Here are a few pics (I'll be honest w/ 2 babies it is hard to find the 3rd hand to hold the camera and take pictures!).
Kellen smiling for the camera.

One of Liam's favorite spots...the vibrating bouncer. It is amazing to see how his face shape has changed so much since he was born! He doesn't look like an old man though he can still look like Yoda every now and then.
Hanging out together in luxury. They almost look the same size but don't be fooled...Kellen has a pound on Liam.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look who is 2 weeks old!

What a crazy time it has been since May 30! The boys are FANTASTIC and came home last week! So since I am a bit exhausted here is a run down of just how fantastic they are..

Friday, June 3: Jenny & Dave home from the hospital. Hard to leave without those boys.

Thursday, June 9: Kellen and Liam are HOME! We were shocked when we went for the NICU visit on Wednesday and the doctor said we could bring them home after our overnight visit! I thought Kellen would be home first but didn't think it was going to happen that week and when she said Liam was coming home too...the best news! Though I really did NOT think I would be bringing home a baby less than 4 pounds!  Their departing weight (taken on Wednesday night) was Kellen 4lbs 13oz and Liam 3lbs 12.5oz.

Friday, June 10: 1st doctor visit...Kellen was 5lbs 1oz and Liam was 4lbs. They LOVE to eat! A big weight gain in about 2 days.

Tuesday, June 14: 2nd Doctor visit...Kellen 5lbs 9oz and Liam 4lbs 9oz. HUGE weight gain! The doctors hope that they gain an ounce a day but these guys are gaining 2 ounces a day!

So as you can see they are just doing so well. Dave and I (along with my mom who is here) are doing well too. Tired of course but couldn't be happier than when we are with these little guys. They are already starting to show their personalities. Liam loves to look at you and everything around you including looking at the lights. He is starting to get round in the face as he gains his weight. impatient. He really likes to eat right when he wakes up and gets a little cranky when he has to wait for his food (a little like his father...). He is a sleeper and often will fall asleep as he is eating. Here are a few pictures of the boys...
Home from the hospital. Fell asleep in an instant during the 5 minute car ride home!

Mimi and the boys. (Kellen on left, Liam on right...sleeping...)

We came in to check on them and this is what we found. Unswaddled and no longer side by side.

Obviously Kellen is too cool for the camera.

Double feeding...need to get better at this! Not too bad for a first try.

Dad is tired.