Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nursery...a work in progress

The boys will be here soon so we (DAVE) has been hard at work to get it all together. We have the basics all in but since bedrest has started the details are still a work in progress. They can sleep, eat, and chill so I think they are covered for a little while.
So if you remember here is the before...
And here is the current state of the nursery...though Dave put together the stroller so it is taking up quite a bit of space in there right now!

2 cribs! No rush on the 2nd mattress as they are sleeping together for a while!
As you can see we went with the brighter green aka Kermit the Frog...actually I think it is called Scottish Isle. It feels a lot like a kids room but at the same time with all the wood has an earthy feel too.
Glider and Changing Table. There will be navy curtains sometime soon.
Hopefully there will be more splashes of colors coming in with the green and navy.
Dave's closet and dresser...and a lovely view into the kitchen! :)

Shelves...just need a few things to put on them.
So there is the start of the nursery and probably all that is going to happen until after they get here other than the smoke detector. Hopefully the pictures give you a little glimpse into where the boys will be hanging out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

34 Weeks!

We arrived at Week 34 today! Hooray! This is great as we think we will be able to make it to Week 36 which for twins is full term. Most twins arrive by that week so we are so excited that they are still in there cookin'. I spent a week on moderate bed rest and have upgraded to full bedrest. That means I get to sit around and do nothing except for 2 hours a day which means I can make my own meals, take a shower, and go to the bathroom. Yep that is about it. I am able to work from home so I don't have to waste all of my sick and vacation time before they get here. It does seem to be working as my blood pressure was down today and less swelling-except for the hands. They kinda feel like 80 year old arthritic hands not so great. One of the reasons blogging hasn't been as regular...

Here is a bit more info about everyone's progress...

  • Twin A is 4 lbs 12 oz and head down
  • Twin B is 4 lbs 2 oz and jammed into my ribcage...not comfortable
  • Both have hair :)
  • B's head is right at A's rear...lovely start to brotherly love
  • They are still kicking and punching
  • Weight Gain: 40lbs. Not sure it will be much more as it has pretty much stayed the same the last couple of weeks
  • Stomach measured at 39 weeks today
  • Jenny's cravings: none (actually getting a little more picky)
  • Dave's cravings: Popsicles
Week 34
More to come regarding the Shower by Mail and the Nursery...just a little slow these days! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All is Swell

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in the blog posting but we have been busy! Dave finished painting the nursery, we cleaned it, and added in most of the furniture. It is really coming together but there are a few more things to go before I share pictures. I am sure you are all anxiously wanting to know what color paint we chose!

Everything is going pretty well but the signs of pregnancy are starting to increase a bit and becoming a bit more difficult. The main issue is this...

Please excuse the peeling nail polish. I can't reach and they will have to wait until the next pedicure which may not be for a while since I don't think the hot water or massage will feel too great as swollen as they are!
 Those would be my feet barely fitting into my flip flops. I didn't do much on this day but sit at my desk with feet up. They look like sausages with a nice tight casing. My hands are a little better but really they look like hotdogs.

Along with the swelling come the concern about my blood pressure as it was getting high last week. We go again on Friday and every week from here on out. There is a chance of bedrest at any point because of the blood pressure. The doc is guessing we won't make it much beyond Week 35. We start week 32 tomorrow if you are counting! They will be here very soon!

Here is your updated  picture. For fun the doctor measured my belly and if I was having one we would be measuring at the 37.5 week mark! We also had an ultrasound last week and it is estimated that A is 3lbs 6oz and B is 3lbs 3oz. I am sure they have added weight this week as my belly looks and feels bigger than last week. Hopefully they will keep on growing!

Week 31, 5 days
I should also mention that my face is just as round as my just can't tell in a profile shot! Have a great weekend everyone!