Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Movin’ and Shakin’

Liam on horse
YEAH! I am so happy to be off the ground!
Am I not the cutest, most innocent looking baby?
Happy, drooling baby.
If I can get just a little closer I know I can get that camera.
My Turn...too hot for clothes!
What do you think will get more water...my mouth or my bib
Baby Jail.
Kellen and Liam are growing so fast! Here are a few things they each like and hate....
  • Liam LOVES to eat. He especially loves fruit but will eat everything with ease other than green things. They don't seem to be his favorite.
  • Kellen HATES to eat. He is perfectly content drinking formula. He will tolerate food every once in a while but it is a good 20 minute battle to even get something in his mouth. Liam usually gets Kellen's leftovers.
  • Teeth= Kellen-ZERO, Liam-2 on the bottom he has had since February.
  • They both LOVE a stuffed monkey right now. Luckily we have two but it makes them laugh and they cuddle with it first thing in the morning and when they get home. Liam will hug it with all four limbs while Kellen has it on the floor and crushes his face into it. It is pretty precious.
  • Liam claps with his feet when he is happy...which is a lot.
  • Crawling everywhere. Liam had a crazy crawl for a while but is doing much better. It is a lot easier for them without their socks in order to get some traction on our floors. Right now Kellen is really interested in trying to get Liam to chase him.
  • They love each other. They laugh at each other all the time.
  • They love peek-a-boo (but you have to be crazy and almost scare them) and Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
  • They are both a little clingy right now which makes it difficult when we are not playing two on two.
  • Kellen is pulling up on everything and getting a bit braver in how much he is holding on. Liam wants to and is trying but it is taking a bit more time.
  • Both, Kellen moreso, talk a lot. There is a lot of mamamama, babababa but I really don't think they know what they are saying. So no first words yet.
  • These babies are not big. We are in 9 month tops but can still pull off a 6 month pant...and sometimes 3 month pant.   Liam current weighs in at a whopping 16# 10 oz and Kellen is 17# 15oz. We haven't measured height in a while but Liam looks like he is about an inch shorter than Kellen.
It is hard to believe that they will soon be a year old! We will see how ready we are to begin the toddler phase but we are TOTALLY ready to end the formula stage!!!