Friday, October 14, 2011

2 month Pictures!

We just received the boys 2 month pictures! They turned out really great and can't wait to get some printed. I won't be posting them all but here are a few favorites!

Catching Up Pt. 1: 3 months!

K&L turned 3 months in August and have been doing great! It was a busy month as Dave and I both went back to work full time, K&L went to daycare and school started! Everyone asks me if taking them to daycare was hard and while we didn't like it, Dave and I were both exhausted and welcomed the extra set of hands to watch the boys for a while! Going to work is much easier than being a stay at home parent that is for sure! So here is what is going on with the boys around the 3 month mark...

Mr. Big Eyes
 Kellen is growing like a champ and is beginning to smile all the time. He also likes to lay on his side when he is sleeping. He is moving his legs and arms and is beginning to realize he has hands. His hands always seem to be in his mouth! He can suck on his hands so loud we hear him making a smacking noise 3 rooms away. He also seems to find the quietest time in church and starts smacking away. He is a pretty happy baby and only gets fussy when he is hungry or tired. 

Kellen 3 month stats:
Weight: 12 ls. 7 oz
Height: 22 in.
*Percentile...well he is on the chart!

Liam...once again I can't get this picture to flip!

Liam had a rough 3rd month. He has been dealing with what is probably allergies for a while now but they came full force this month. He was really stuffy and congested and developed a nasty cough. At first they thought it might be a milk allergy so we had to change formulas. That didn't work THANK HEAVENS...that formula was twice as much as what they are currently on! It also made him lose a little weight for the week he was on it. Luckily he is back on the regular formula and seems to be doing better. The only bad part is that he got really used to sleeping in the bouncer-he couldn't really breathe laying down in bed-and we are now trying to break him of that. Even though he didn't feel great he still started smiling a lot. Liam is a MOVER! He never seems to be sitting still. I call him Mr. Wiggles. The only time he isn't moving is when he is asleep, and even then he moves a lot!

Liam 3 month stats:
Weight: 10lbs. 8 oz
Height: 21 in.
Percentile...he is getting closer to the chart!

Garrison (1 month), Myles (7 months), Kellen & Liam (3 months)
The boys have had a few adventures already. We traveled in August to a wedding. Dave was in the wedding so it we were a little concerned how the boys would be during the ceremony. Luckily they did well and we have great friends willing to be an extra hand. They didn't however make it through the reception. The music was just a little too loud. In September we traveled to Indiana for a few days. The boys were FANTASTIC on the flight, probably because we left so early in the morning and they are morning sleepers. However going through security with 2 newborns is NOT a good time. They did get to meet many of their cousins, aunts and uncles!

So that is an update on where they were at 3 months. Please excuse the numerous scratches they have on their face. I swear their fingernails grow faster than anything. I cut them every weekend and they still seem to find a way to scratch themselves!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We are still here...

I realize that it has been quite a while since I updated. It has gotten quite busy since I have gone back to work. The boys are growing and just celebrated their 4 month birthday. I will post more on that later...I promise. When the boys were 2 months old we have their "newborn" pictures taken. The sneak peek we have gotten is fantastic and we are still awaiting the full CD. It has taken a little while but if you haven't already seen them you can see the sneak peek too! I really hope to update the blog with their 3 & 4 month pictures and stats this weekend so stay tuned!

Butterfly Chaser Photography