Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double the Fun

It's been a while. I know so please don't hold it against me. Perhaps I will get a little better at least for a few months. The big news we recently shared with family and friends is that Dave and I are expecting! Yeah! Not only are we expecting we are expecting twins! We found out in November we were expecting (excellent birthday present for me!) and then a few weeks later I saw two little heartbeats and the doctor gave us the news that we were expecting twins. My reaction? I laughed. What else can you do when you have equal amounts of excitement, joy and pure anxiety over how in the world we would manage two children at once! Dave unfortunately couldn't be with me that day due to a conference. The doctor and I both were a little disappointed we couldn't see his reaction because I am sure it would have been priceless.

As soon as I left the dr.'s office I texted Dave to say I was done and he should call ASAP. He did and I told him that he needed to come up with another nickname so that both of our children would feel included when their father was talking to them. He's reaction..."You're Kidding." and then silence. Yes for once I was able to make my husband speechless. Oh to have seen his face!! Then he started asking me all these questions that I really did not even think about when I was in the doctor's office...hello I was just told we were having twins and my brain wasn't working. But as we go to all the doctor's appointments he is slowly getting all his questions answered.

So now we are 4 months in and so far this has been a really easy pregnancy...knock on wood. I haven't had a bit of morning sickness but the Christmas holiday came at the best time because I think that was when I was most tired. I am getting bigger each day and am measuring about a month ahead of schedule which is typical of twins. I am not doing great on the weight gain but I feel like I am eating nonstop. Hopefully it will pick up this trimester. Our due date was July 5 but the doctor said we won't make that so as long as we make it to June the doc will be happy.
We will find out girls and boys in about two weeks so let the guessing begin! Here is a picture at 13 weeks and another at 16 weeks to help you in your guessing game.
14 weeks

 16 weeks

In other news, Dave is running a marathon next weekend. His first and I know he will do great. I really don't know where he finds the energy and motivation to train for these endurance sports but hopefully our children will get that from him!  My sister Abrah (along with Josh and Riley) welcomed their 2nd son this week. Myles Levi arrived on Jan. 19 and everyone is doing great. And another sister Chelsea along with Chris and Rease will welcome baby #2 in August! Crazy.