Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2 year photos...almost a year later.

The boys are almost 3 so I should probably post their 2 year pictures! It was a tough shoot but as always our very patient photographer did a great job.

Liam loving his ambulance.

The family.

Somehow Kellen got the pick up truck away from Liam.

Look how well we get along!

The meltdown.

Liam, it's not that bad. Just come over here and smile so we can be done.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Photo Fun!

While I was in London in March, Grandma came for a visit. They boys had a mini photo shoot with her and they got some pretty great shots! We have their 2 year photo shoot on Saturday so hopefully the boys will be just as smiley and a little cooperative!

Pretty normal. Sitting on each other, just surprised no one was crying!

Riding their Purple Dinosaurs. They are actually horses. They will eventually be pretty confused!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

1 Year Photos

Since the boys are about to be two in a couple of months, I figure I should actually order their one year photos! Here are some of the best least I think so!  While the pictures are old...I give you some new updates!

Family Pic #1: In this picture neither were walking but now...they pretty much run everywhere. The love going up and down stairs, riding their bikes, and chasing each other around the house.

Family Pic #2: They look like big boys but now I would guess Liam is maybe 21lbs and Kellen is 24lbs...though he feels much heavier.

Family Pic #3: They looks sweet don't they? I have a feeling we are in the start of the Terrible Twos. They are rotten.

Family Pic #4

Boys #1: They love to laugh! They LOVE cars. They watch a Cars cartoon at least once a day and traffic all day long. Liam loves it a little more than Kellen but anything Liam loves...Kellen must have.

Boys #2

Boys #3

Boys #4: Luckily we haven't had biting issues and they really don't put much in their mouth they shouldn't. They love their
Kellen #1: Kellen has a ton of hair. We are ready for haircut #3 because it takes forever to get the soap out.  He loves to be outside, "drive" the car (the solution in a busy parking lot while trying to get the other one in the carseat), hates trying new foods but loves oranges, goldfish, pasta, and every other carb.

Kellen #2: Did I mention he loves pizza. The other day he saw me put a frozen pizza in the oven and cried the entire 20 minutes it took to get it cooked and cooled for him to eat. He gets that from his father for sure.

Kellen #3: He steals anything Liam has. Even if there is the exact same toy in his hand he puts it down and takes it from Liam. Probably his most common (and frustrating) activity.

Kellen #4: He has learned the word Mine and Me and uses it quite a bit. He also points his finger and says No No No. Hilarious. He can also say car, puppy, uh oh, ma ma, and da da. However da da is pretty much everything.

Liam #1: He is the talker. He has a lot of words and is close to saying almost anything we say. The most complex word we heard at the start of March Madness was "basketball". We were shocked but he pointed to the TV and said it over and over again. Dave was so proud.

Liam #2: The crawling stage is definitely over. He RUNS. He does not walk. It is hilarious because he doesn't weight much and wipes out regularly. He is a tough kid with the exception of stealing toys back from his brother.

Liam #3: Still a momma's boy. He was a bit angry when I left for London. He didn't want me to hold him for about 24 hours. It was a nice break but he has forgiven me.

Liam #4: Did I mention this kid loves cars? It is his favorite thing to say and to see. He tries to turn the movie on (thankfully has yet to figure it out completely), looks out the window all the time, plays with cars, and if there is a picture of a car in a book that is as far as the story goes. Loves the cars.
Liam #5: More pictures of Liam because he was more interested in smiling. I am sure the 2 year pictures they will switch and he won't smile but Kellen will. Perhaps they will get it together by the time they are 3!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's been a while!

So it has been quite a few months since I posted. The boys are busy so I hope to update soon but here are a few pictures to entertain you until I have some time to update! Obviously Liam likes the camera a little more than Kellen.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

It has been a little chilly in the morning and as required a hat. They hate them but are more than happy to put their arm out to put their jackets on!

Kellen, Liam, and Monkey

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stomach bug

We are on the mend but the boys have a stomach bug. Hopefully they will be fully recovered soon!
Clockwise: Kellen playing with 2 of his bottle caps; Liam napping with bear and monkey on the floor; Kellen sleeping; Liam's profile.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Drama

Kellen made all these faces in about 3 minutes. He wanted the phone as he knows he can watch videos on it.

And then there is Liam. He didn't want the phone, he wanted mom as usual.

PS 1st time blogging from the phone. Something won't go right I am sure!